My personal relationship with God has been impacted. It helped me develop a better relationship. It has taught me  how to remove a lot of hindrances from my heart, which was blocking true intercession. Because of this I am free and truly rejoicing with my God.


Joy has been restored back to my life which has not been like that for a very long time. Being in love with God, I'm able to do more things with him. My communication with him has been transformed by this class to understand  when I worship, cry out or talk to him, I have the assurance of my answer knowing that he is a never- failing God.

     Miriam Walker

     Blowing Point, Anguilla, AI

The Institute has shaped my life. It's been a tool that God has used to let me know more and improve my communication with Him. I know the word order according to communication with our Father, authority, power that has been given us to establish the kingdom here on earth effectively.  The importance of humility, denial to us and obedience in every prayer as the Holy Spirit is flowing.

 I have seen God flowing and my prayers answered and miracles occur. Bless the whole team to be obedient to God's voice and giving me this opportunity!"

     Love, Love!

     Eagle Dayanara Muniz

     Ponce, PR

     The EIIPI Prayer School has taught me how to be a strong warrior for Christ, it has showed me how important prayer is to anyone who is in ministry, and it has showed me what it truly means to be a WATCHMAN!

     I thank God for this school because it has developed a stronger prayer life, and how to apply the Word to prayers, so that they can reach heaven.

     Eagle Tanya Wormely

     Joliet, IL

     I am so glad I took this class for it has impacted my life by revealing numerous deeper ways to reach the throne room. During many of the monthly telephone conferences, it was emphasized the need to make time with Daddy and listen to His voice.  How He will tell you what and who to pray for.  How we need not only go into prayer, but to also praise and worship Him.

     I also liked the importance in knowing the different types of prayer and the purpose of an intercessor.  When I realized that there is a major difference from a person who prays compared to one who intercedes, then I know why prayer for me was more than just a requirement, it was a passion. Interceding for others is not a burden, it's rewarding.

     Eagle Apostle Denise T. Nelson

     Erie, PA